Terms of Use

By engaging Trend Of Tech for web development, video marketing, or public relations (PR) services, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms carefully before using our services.

1. Service Engagement

1.1. You agree to engage Trend Of Tech for the specific services outlined in our proposal or agreement. The terms and scope of services will be defined in a separate document or contract.

1.2. Both parties will agree on project timelines and deliverables, which will be outlined in writing before the project begins.

2. Intellectual Property

2.1. Any intellectual property developed during the project, including but not limited to websites, content, videos, and PR materials, will be the property of Trend Of Tech until full payment is received.

2.2. Upon full payment, you will have full ownership rights to the completed project, except for any third-party materials or elements, which will remain subject to their respective licenses.

3. Confidentiality

3.1. Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of all project-related information and materials, including trade secrets, proprietary information, and project details.

4. Project Changes and Revisions

4.1. Any changes or revisions to the project scope or deliverables must be mutually agreed upon in writing. Additional charges or timelines may apply to project changes.

5. Termination

5.1. Either party may terminate the project or contract with written notice. Termination may result in payment for services rendered up to that point.

5.2. Trend Of Tech reserves the right to terminate services for non-payment or violation of these terms and conditions.

6. Liability

6.1. Trend Of Tech will make every effort to deliver high-quality services. However, we are not liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of our services, including but not limited to financial losses, data loss, or business interruption.

7. Changes to Terms and Conditions

7.1. Trend Of Tech may update these terms and conditions as needed. Any changes will be communicated to you in writing.